About EEC

The Environmental Education Center (EEC) has been temporarily shut down so it can be relocated to a new home.  Regents Row, its previous location, was shut down on June 1, 2017 due to the cost of upkeep of the site. The Facilities and Services Space Planning Committee is currently looking for a new location and this website will keep you posted as to when that happens.  Stay tuned!

The Environmental Education Center will once again be a destination place on campus and in the local community for anyone who wants to learn how they can embrace sustainability, both in their personal and professional lives.

The EEC will soon available for webinars, student organization meetings, personal and group environmental education sessions, or for community or departmental meetings. The Center is built primarily with sustainable products that conform to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standards. We encourage students to get involved and volunteer their time in the EEC. They will also have the opportunity to volunteer to educate visitors about sustainability and tour them through the facility once it reopens.

Appointments can be made for private meetings, webinars, and green gatherings. There is a small kitchenette with real dishes, glasses and silverware. No polystyrene or other non-environmental items are in the Center – we set the example of how to be environmentally aware.  Call joni newcomer, NMSU Sustainability Manager, at 646-7563 to schedule the room for your meeting in the near future.

The Office of Sustainability is still open but has moved to Facilities and Services in the Space Planning office (Building 237, Rm. 16B – call joni for directions).