Hydration Stations

As of November 1, 2016 we have 50 hydration stations on main campus (thank you Facilities and Services!!). Lower your waste by bringing your own ToGo bottle and fill ‘er up!
 Find them here!
1Activity Center Lobby
2Activity Center Weight Room
3Activity Center 1st floor basketball court
4Activity Center Dance+Human Performance
5Activity Center 2nd floor corridor
6Biology Annex
8Business Complex
9Business Complex
10Campus Health Center
11Coaches Office Building
12Computer Center
13Conroy Honors
14Corbett Center 1st floor
15Corbett Center 2nd floor West
16Corbett Center 2nd floor East
17Corbett Center 3rd floor
18Domenici Hall
19Domenici Hall
20Domenici Hall
21Education Services
22Education Services
23Environmental Education Center
24Field House
25Foster Hall
26Fulton Center
27Garcia Hall east lobby
28Garcia Hall west lobby
29Gerald Thomas
30Grounds Dept.
31Guthrie Hall
32Hadley Hall
37Milton Hall
38Milton Hall
39Music Building
40Natatorium #1
41Natatorium #2
42O'Donnell Hall
43Piñon Housing
44Police Station
45RGH Housing
46Science Hall
47Walden Hall
48Williams Hall
49Young Hall
50Zuhl Library