Volunteer Opportunities

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Student Organizations

NMSU has a broad range of on-campus student groups that focus on sustainable issues, but it is important to note that all student organizations can incorporate sustainability into their initiatives.Shahid's Garden

Whether your interests lie in the environmental sciences, business, or humanities, sustainability is a thread that weaves through everything that we do.  How can you make your student organization one that keeps environmental, social, and economic issues in mind?  What impact will this have on your organization?

Check out the student organizations on campus that have worked in collaboration with the Office of Sustainability.  Keep in mind that there are many other organizations at NMSU that embrace sustainability, so take initiative, get involved, and help NMSU reach its full potential!

Office of Sustainability (OoS)

The OoS provides many exciting opportunities for volunteering.  Choose a semester-long project that helps further sustainability efforts at NMSU or in the community.  Write a proposal for the project and present it to the Office of Sustainability, the Sustainability Council, or ASNMSU.  The possibilities are endless!
A few examples of sustainability projects include:

    • Organize sustainability events such as conferences, speaker series, or symposia, which have students as the intended audience
    • Produce outreach materials and publications that enhance student learning about sustainability outside of the formal classroom
    • Measure energy usage and calculate energy saving opportunities on campus or in University Housing
    • Write a grant to receive funding for sustainability initiatives

If you are interested in volunteering with the Office of Sustainability, contact sustain@nmsu.edu

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