American College and President’s Climate Commitment (ACUPCC)

American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment

acupcc NMSU President Michael Martin signed the ACUPCC in 2007. We then created the Sustainability and Climate Change Task Force headed by Steve Loring. This group has now become the Sustainability Council, an all-volunteer group of like-minded Green Aggies.

University and College presidents signing the Commitment are pledging to eliminate their campuses’ net greenhouse gas emissions in a reasonable period of time as determined by each institution as well as to promote the research and educational efforts of higher education to accelerate society’s progress toward climate neutrality and sustainability.

The implementation involves:

1. Setting up an institutional structure (committee, task force, office, etc.) within 2 months to guide the process.

2. Completing an inventory of greenhouse gas emissions within 1 year

3. Creating and implementing a climate action plan (that includes a target date and interim milestones for achieving campus climate neutrality) within 2 years

4. Taking 2 of 7 tangible steps specified in the commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while the more comprehensive plan is being developed.

“More than ever, universities must take leadership roles to address the grand challenges of the twenty-first century, and climate change is paramount amongst these.”

– Michael M. Crow, President, Arizona State University

NMSU Climate Action Plan