Aggie Recycling

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I get Aggie Recycling to pick up my recyclables?
Simply fill out and submit a non-reimbursable Work Order Request, be sure to enter “Shop 35” in the “Dept. Work Order” field, and it will be diverted to Aggie Recycling. Aggie Recycling provides next day service on all work orders.
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Can I drop my recyclables off at the Aggie Recycling Center?
Yes, students and employees of NMSU can take their recyclables to the Aggie Recycling Center during business hours. Business hours are 6am-2pm, Monday-Friday, drop-offs are not permitted outside of working hours, on weekends, or holidays.
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How do I start recycling in my department?
To start recycling in your department just submit a Work Order Request, or call the Aggie Recycling Center at (575) 646-8159, and we will bring you all the necessary containers and signs.
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What can be recycled and where?
Aggie Recycling is able to recycle a variety of materials to include plastic #1 (PET,PETE), aluminum cans, paper, cardboard, steel, tires, asphalt, concrete, and yard waste.
The Center for Hard to Recycle Materials (CHaRM) is the facility for processing appliances that use Freon and other toxic chemicals, used oil, and used tires.
The Re-Use Facility is the housing area for equipment and material that can be reused with little or no processing including building materials such as commodity lumber and some metals.
The Construction and Demolition (C&D) Facility houses and processes non-hazardous debris left over from construction and remodeling projects on campus.
The Residue Facility houses and processes non-paper materials that cannot be directly reused without some processing such as scrap metal.
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Are pizza boxes recyclable?
No, pizza boxes cannot be recycled because they contain food residue and a wax coating, which inhibits the recycling process.
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How can I recycle paper on campus?
Every building on campus has the 4 container collection center for the recycling of mixed paper, white computer paper, newspaper, and magazines. White computer paper is paper used in printer, faxes, and copy machines, mixed paper includes; paper of any color, post-it notes, mail, envelopes, notebook paper, notepad paper, etc…
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How Can I recycle cardboard on campus?
Fiberboard (Cardboard) is usually found in two forms, corrugated and regular. Corrugated fiberboard boxes are made of two pieces of fiberboard with one intestined corrugated medium, and they are typically used for shipping. Regular fiberboard boxes are typically used for packaging such as cereal and software boxes.
To recycle a corrugated fiberboard box remove the contents of the box, flatten it, and place it next to the recycling collection points located in your building.
To recycle a regular fiberboard box remove the contents of the box, flatten it, and place it in the Colored Mix Paper container.
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How can I recycle plastic #1 and aluminum cans on campus?
Plastic #1 and Aluminum Cans are collected together in blue Clear Stream containers located throughout campus. Simply drop your bottles and cans into the openings in the blue top of the containers where they are accumulated in a clear plastic bag. NMSU students and employees recycle an average of 70,000 soda and water bottles per month. Aluminum cans are a highly sustainable material, because they can be reused over and over to make new aluminum cans.
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Can I recycle plastic #2 on campus?
Aggie Recycling is currently unable to accept any Plastic #2 (i.e. milk jugs, softener bottles, detergent bottles, motor oil containers, coffee container, etc.), but students, employees, and residents of NMSU can take their recyclables to any of The City of Las Cruces Recycling Drop-Off Locations.
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What is the difference between what Housing recycles and what main campus recycles?
Housing and Residential Life has a contract with Southwest Disposal. They pick up the same items that the City of Las Cruces accepts as single stream:

• Nearly all types of clean paper (newspapers, cardboard, paperboard, office paper, junk mail, magazines, phone books, catalogues, mixed papers, paper bags, etc.)
• Milk and juice cartons
• Plastics #1 through #7
• Aluminum, steel, or tin cans
• Small electronics (with cords cut off please)
• Pots and pans
• Laundry baskets and rigid plastic

Main Campus recycles the following in the recycling centers in buildings and in the small under-desk blue bins:
• All types of clean paper, as above
• Cardboard and paperboard
• Aluminum
• Plastic #1 ONLY (soda and water bottles)
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Does NMSU have a composting program?
Organic material generated on campus, such as leaves, branches, grass clippings, and manure are turned into mulch and compost at the Organic Materials Yard, located near the Aggie Recycling Center, 1 block east of the intersection of Locust Street and Stanely Street. For more information, call Aggie Recycling at (575) 646-8159.
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How much does NMSU recycle?
Diversion rate is a measure of how much of the waste generated is processed for recycling or reused directly as opposed to being sent to a land fill. NMSU processes and recycles approximately 100 tons of scrap metal and 180 tons of paper each year.
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What are the benefits of recycling?
The recycling efforts at NMSU have both environmental benefits as well as economic benefits for the University. The amount of material recycled at NMSU saves approximately 13,719 trees, 1,000,000 kilowatt hours of electricity, and 1,614 barrels of oil annually. Recycling means less waste, requiring less frequent servicing of trash dumpsters, resulting in a savings on disposal costs. Once recyclable materials have been collected and sorted, they have now become a profit generating commodity that can be sold.
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