Environmental Research

NMSU Extension Turf Specialist Helps New Mexico Golf Courses Save Water

Drought conditions and water shortages are having an impact on all sectors of society, including recreational landscape areas. In arid and semi-arid environments across the Southwest, the golf industry is trying to find ways to conserve water while maintaining playability and course quality.

Recently, club management turned to New Mexico State University’s Cooperative Extension Service turf specialist Bernd Leinauer in Las Cruces for suggestions on how to resolve a lingering issue.

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Bernd Leinauer, NMSU Extension turf specialist, right, attaches two subsurface drip irrigation lines as Matteo Serena, NMSU research assistant professor, assists. They directed the installation of one of the first golf course tee box subsurface drip irrigation systems at The Club at Las Campanas in Santa Fe. They will compare two commercial drip systems to a traditional sprinkler system for water efficiency and turf quality. (NMSU photo and article by Jane Moorman)