The New Mexico State University Climate Change Education Seminar Series, or NMSUCCESS for short is an interdisciplinary series bringing a range of experts to New Mexico State University and venues in Las Cruces to promote informed discussion of the causes and consequences of climate change.

Spring 2021


Solve Climate By 2030

April 7th 5:30 – 7:00 pm 

University and high school students across the planet, will tune into 100 events in 50 countries, university-hosted regional webinars critical to our future. Green Recovery based in state and local action put us on the way to solving climate change by 2030. Climate-concerned university and high school faculty worldwide, and across disciplines will assign these webinars as homework, using them as a springboard for discussing regional climate solutions, energy justice, and Green Recovery. New Mexico speakers will be addressing workforce development, energy, and agriculture.


Department of Workforce Solutions | Office of the Governor - Michelle Lujan Grisham

Secretary Bill McCamley

Bill McCamley was a Las Cruces-area state representative from 2012 through 2018. He was chairman of the House Labor and Economic Development Committee, where he oversaw progress on critical issues like wage theft and increasing the minimum wage. He has been a statewide leader in job creation activities like workforce training, border trade and cannabis legalization. A graduate of both Mayfield High School and New Mexico State University, where he earned a degree in government, McCamley also graduated from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University with a master’s degree in public policy in 2003. Born in Korea, and the son of a U.S. Army servicemember, McCamley served as a Dona Ana County Commissioner and as executive director of the New Mexico Rural Development Council, where he worked with small communities across the state on job creation, education, and housing projects. 


Legislator - New Mexico Legislature

Rep. Angelica Rubio

Rep. Rubio was born and raised in rural southeastern New Mexico and is the youngest daughter of Mexican immigrants. Angelica grew up with a deep working knowledge of the power found in numbers, as well as a flair for making her case. After earning her degree in government from New Mexico State University, Angelica worked in Washington, D.C. She later moved to east Los Angeles to pursue a graduate degree in Latin American Studies, as well as an education in community organizing. Establishing herself as a fierce change agent, Angelica returned home and demonstrated the same urgency. In 2016 Angelica won a seat in the New Mexico State Legislature, where she now focuses on energy policy through the lens of environmental and worker’s justice. 

Rep. Rubio is also a champion for equitable outdoor recreation that not only benefits younger New Mexicans, but more importantly works towards the protection of public lands. After her re-election in 2018 Angelica prepared for the 2019 legislative session by organizing a successful 300+mile bikepacking trip from Las Cruces to Santa Fe. The bikepacking trip was to raise awareness on the disconnect between the state capitol and the rest of the state. When Angelica is not organizing and working on issues of justice you can find her at home hanging with her dog Lennon, or riding her bike along the dry ditch banks of the desert in Doña Ana County and beyond. 


Patrick DeSimio, CSO of Cruces Creatives, Cruces Creatives Board Secretary

Patrick DeSimio- Sophiliazo

Patrick DeSimio founded and coordinates the Seeding Regenerative Agriculture (SRA) project, a statewide initiative that works at the intersections of agriculture, the environment, and climate. To help farmers and ranchers adopt practices that capture and productively use carbon in soils, SRA organizes a cooperative network of producers who learn from each other and, through the SRA, gain access to a range of support services including on-farm scientific research, business support, and custom technology development. Together, the producers and organizational partners within SRA are developing models of regenerative agriculture that can raise food and sequester carbon; in this presentation, you’ll learn more about regenerative agriculture, how it can help address climate change, and how you can get involved. 

Regenerative Agriculture

Ray Archuleta

David Johnson

April 21st 6 pm



Michelle Graves

April 22nd

2020 – 2021 Series

Discussion with Dr. Gregory Cajete on Indigenous Perspectives in Science

Dr. Gregory Cajete

Wednesday March 24th 7pm

A Conservation on Waste Reduction – In Celebration of America Recycles Day

Mary Canavan

Jesse Van Maanen

Peter Ibarbo

Thursday November 12st 10am

Knowledge to Outcomes in Global Biodiversity Conservation

Dr. Leah Gerber

Wednesday October 21st 7pm

New Mexico At The Precipice: A conversation with Laura Paskus

Laura Paskus

Wednesday September 30th 7pm

2019 – 2020 Series

On the Competing Risks and Benefits of Geologic CO2 Sequestration

Dr. Brian McPherson

Wednesday March 4, 2020 7:00 – 8:30 pm
Recording Part 1
Recording Part 2

Climate Security: Threats and Responses at Home and Abroad

Vice Admiral Lee Gunn, USN (Ret)

Chief Executive Officer of the American Security Project (ASP)

Wednesday February 12, 2020 7:00 – 8:30 pm

Redesigning Desert Agriculture for Climate Change: Biomimicry, Nurse Plant Ecology & Succulent Plants

Dr. Gary Nabhan

University of Arizona

Wednesday January 29, 2020 7:00 – 8:30 pm

Multi-species Justice in the Age of Biological Annihilation & Climate Breakdown

Subhankar Banerjee

Wednesday, November 20, 2019 7:00 – 8:30 pm

The Human Dimension of Disaster Preparedness, Vulnerability, and Resiliency: The Role of the Colleges and Universities

Dr. Jorge Vanegas

Wednesday, November 6, 2019 7:00 – 8:30 pm

New Mexico at the Crossroads: How the State, It’s Biggest City, and NMSU are Addressing Climate Change

Chancellor Arvizu – Chancellor of NMSU

Sarah Cottrell Propst – Secretary of the State Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department

Kelsey Rader – Sustainability Officer of Albuquerque

Wednesday October 2, 2019 6:00 – 7:30 pm

Chihuahuan Desert Landscapes in the Uncertain Future

Debra Peters (Lead Research Scientist at Jornada Experimental Range)

Thursday September 12, 2020 7:00 – 8:30 pm

2018-2019 Series

Climate Change, Wildfire, and Megadrought in the Western United States

A. Park Williams

April 3, 2019

Drought, water security, and ecosystem disruption – the SW climate challenge

Jonathan Overpeck

March 6, 2019

Extreme Conservation on a Glacier-less Planet

Joel Berger

February 20, 2019

Barriers to Public Acceptance of Climate Science, Impacts and Solutions

Katharine Hayhoe

February 6, 2019

Environmental Markets: From Sulfur to Carbon to Water and Beyond?

Michael Walsh

November 28, 2018


The 3 S’s of Climate Change: Simple, Serious, and Solvable

Scott Denning

November 7, 2018

Deep Time Insight into Earth’s Future

Isabel Montanez

October 3, 2018

On the Front Lines of Urban Warming

David Hondula

September 19, 2018

A Look ahead for the Southwest: Hotter and More Arid

Gregg Garfin

April 25, 2018

Why are We Concerned about Changing Climate

Dave Dubois

April 17, 2018