We all know what relationships are. But what are they in reference to sustainability and the environment?

Everything the Office of Sustainability does is in relationship with another person, entity, organization, or quite simply, the planet. None of us can deny our close bond to Mother Nature. When we take on a project we always take into consideration how it affects everything we touch. Like the butterfly that flaps its wings in China affects something across the globe, consideration must be taken into account how our actions affects those at NMSU and those we are connected to – in relationship with. We like to think of that as a large web to which we have a bond, a connection, and engagement.

Our relationship to Mother Earth

1. The Sun is the primary source of energy for Earth’s climate system
2. Climate is regulated by complex interactions among components of the Earth system
3. Life on Earth depends on, is shaped by, and affects climate
4. Climate varies over space and time through both natural and man-made processes
5. Our understanding of the climate system is improved through observations, theoretical studies, science, and modeling
6. Human activities are impacting the climate system
7. Climate change will have consequences for the Earth system and human lives