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NMSU has a broad range of on-campus student groups that focus on sustainable issues, but it is important to note that all student organizations can incorporate sustainability into their initiatives.

Whether your interests lie in the environmental sciences, business, or humanities, sustainability is a thread that weaves through everything that we do. How can you make your student organization one that keeps environmental, social, and economic issues in mind? What impact will this have on your organization?
There are many other organizations at NMSU that embrace sustainability, so take initiative, get involved, and help NMSU reach its full potential!

Organization of Aggie Students Inspiring Sustainability (OASIS)

The OASIS Club is a student organization at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, dedicated to spreading awareness about sustainable practices and inspiring the campus and community to “get green”. We are a diverse crowd from all sectors of life, but we all have one common goal: to create a better world.

To pursue that goal, club members work together to generate awareness about sustainable practices; network within Las Cruces to en gage the community and promote green ethics; and promote sustainable agricultural practices, recycling, economic sustainability, community education and awareness, and equality.

The club manages several main projects every
year, including:

  • City-wide Earth Day fair every spring
  • Film series on sustainability every fall
  • Gomez Gardens
  • Opportunities to volunteer in the community


  • Farm to Cafeteria
  • Farm to Table conference (organic-farming conf.)
  • Real Food Challenge

For meeting times visit website or use contact information below.

Environmental Science Student Organization (ESSO)

Environmental Science Student Organization (ESSO) is a collegiate/ special interest student organization at NMSU in Las Cruces. Our organization focuses on sharing our knowledge of the environment and environmental problems with people in our community. We strive for a better understanding of the planet and genuinely care about its future. ESSO is an active, dedicated, progressive, engaged group of students whose purpose is to advance environmental awareness and knowledge at the university and in the community. ESSO offers participants networking and professional development opportunities. ESSO is committed to participating in community service events on and off campus and extracurricular volunteer activities that benefit the environment or provide learning experiences.

The club manages several main projects every year, including:

  • Composting project
  • Creating compost tumblers and fly traps
  • Gardening
  • RecycleMania Promotion

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Asombro Institute
  • Wild Night for Wildlife
  • Water Festival
  • Arbor Day tree distribution

For meeting times visit website or use contact information below.

Food Recovery Network

The purpose of the FRN is for students to partner with community agencies, campus dining facilities, and other food businesses to fight food waste and hunger. Students recover food that would otherwise be wasted and donate it to partner agencies to be served to those who experience food insecurity.

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