Waste Diversion

Waste reduction has many aspects. Look at this pyramid chart on waste:

1. Prevention: Don’t purchase the item in the first place
2. Minimization: Use products that use minimal construction or packaging
3. Reuse: when you’re done with an item, find it a new home, give it away, or take it to a reuse store like Habitat for Humanity or Savers
4. Recycle: Even though about 35% of items purchased in the US are recycled, recycling is still a great option if you can’t manage the first three above

(Read the entire article here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Waste_minimisation )

NMSU has implemented source reduction strategies to reduce total waste generation (garbage, recycling, and compost) per weighted campus user compared to a 2005 baseline.
Total waste generation at NMSU includes all materials recycled, composted, and disposed of as trash except construction, demolition, electronic, hazardous, special (e.g. coal ash), universal and non-regulated chemical waste, which are covered in the STARS Report as follows:

OP Credit 18: Waste Diversion
OP Credit 19: Construction and Demolition Waste Diversion
OP Credit 20: Electronic Waste Recycling Program
OP Credit 21: Hazardous Materials Management

For every ton of paper recycled, we can save the energy equivalent of 165 gallons of gasoline. NMSU’s Aggie Recycling recycled 280 tons of paper in 2012 or the equivalent of 46,200 gallons of gasoline!

Recycling 1 ton of aluminum cans conserves over 153 million BTU’s that is the equivalent to 26 barrels of oil or 1665 gallons of gasoline. Aggie Recycling recycled 4.5 tons of aluminum cans in 2012 or the equivalent of 7,492 gallons of gasoline. Go Aggies! Go Green!

Toner Recycling Program

A Toner Recycling program was started in November 2012. Office Max provides 20x20x20 boxes for free. NMSU departments request a box, fill it with empty toner cartridges in the new cartridge box, then call us for a pick up. We then deliver a new empty box. FS Movers partner with the OoS by picking up the full boxes and delivering them to the FS Warehouse for UPS pickup – all paid for by our partner Office Max. We keep plastic and other materials from the landfill by using this program.

Office of Sustainability Initiative #3 is Waste Reduction. In the first two months of the program (Nov-Dec 2011) we recycled almost 80 toner cartridges. By March of 2014, with 56 locations across campus, a total of approximately 800 cartridges have been kept from the landfill. Thanks to everyone who is involved for your support! Give the OoS a call if you want your own toner recycling box: 646-7563.


Las Cruces Residential Recycling Program

Starting in the spring of 2011, the City of Las Cruces adopted a city-wide recycling program.  Friedman Recycling Company manages the city recycling program.  To find information on what you can recycle in the city, including pick up times and locations, please visit the Friedman website.