Transportation Alternatives

“Transportation makes up 27% of the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced in the US, making it the second largest producer after electricity generation.“ –EPA

Since New Mexico State University is primarily a computing-based university, with nearly 75% of students commuting onto campus, we are striving to educate the campus community about the importance of alternative transportation methods as well as transforming the campus environment to foster the use of alternative transportation. Listed below are some of the initiatives that the NMSU community is supporting to alleviate fossil fuel consumption and reduce NMSU’s carbon footprint created from transportation.

RoadRunner Transit

Our campuses in Las Cruces are easily accessible by public transportation, the City of Las Cruces operates its excellent RoadRUNNER Transit Service with routes that cover Las Cruces campuses.

Route 2 takes you from the NMSU main campus to and back to DACC East Mesa Campus every half an hour. Full-time DACC students taking at least 12 credits at DACC for the fall semester are eligible for a free DACC U-Pass card which allows students to utilize RoadRunner transit all over Las Cruces. For part-time DACC students taking at least 6 credits at DACC during the fall semester, they can purchase this pass for $15.00.

Crimson Cab

Crimson Cab is one of ASNMSU’s most popular and favorite services among students. It is offered to ensure the safety of our students by offering a safe ride anywhere within the Las Cruces City Limits with just your NMSU Student ID.

Pete’s Pick Up

Whether you’ve been studying late at the library, had a late extracurricular meeting, or if you’re out late on campus for any other reason, you can always call Pete’s Pick Up for a safe escort to your car or dorm. Just call 646-1111 and within minutes a driver will be there to safely pick you up. It is a safe way for students to get to their car or dorm.

Aggie Transit

The University is serviced by a shuttle system that primarily provides transportation from parking areas to various academic and housing centers on campus. The service is provided by the local City of Las Cruces transit system “RoadRUNNER” Transit. The University contracts with RoadRUNNER Transit to provide this service at the direction of the University. The service is paid for through a student imposed fee that is added to the tuition. The level of service provided and the routes and schedules are determined by a student-run committee that administers the collected transportation funds.

Aggie Shuttle is to encourage people to park on the east end of campus and ride to distant destinations instead of driving on campus. The transit program provides free shuttle routes that transport riders with a valid NMSU ID from free parking lots from all across campus, rather than driving their personal vehicles.  The Aggie Transit is intended to reduce campus congestion, promote public transportation, and reduce carbon emissions.

Aggie Transit is a free student service provided by NMSU Transportation & Parking ServicesASNMSU and RoadRUNNER Transit that operates from Monday-Friday when class is in session and does not operate during breaks & holidays.



Blue Route has stops at Research and Standley, Center Street, Aggie Express, Williams and Wells, Tom fort at Fite and Espina, DACC, Union and Sam Steele, University Avenue, Knox Hall, O'Donnell and Williams and Stewart

Bicycle Friendly University

The Bicycle Friendly University (BFU) program is an initiative of the League of American Bicyclists, which encourages states, communities, businesses to provide better facilities, encouragement activities, infrastructure, and education for cyclists and publicly rewarding them for doing so. The benefits of bicycling are far-reaching, including helping the environment by reducing carbon emissions, saving money, reducing congestion, optimizing space, improving health and enhancing campus quality of life.

New Mexico State University has received a bronze BFU rating.

Outdoor Center and Bike Shop

The Outdoor Center provides full service rental and retail service to outfit you for your activities, adventures, and expeditions. They offer an affordable alternative to purchasing equipment by utilizing their rentals. They rentals include bikes, helmets, canoes, tents and so much more!

The full service Bike Shop can get you back on the road, trail or commuting about quickly. Their trained staff can assist you with all your bike maintenance and repair needs.

NMSU and Las Cruces Bicycle Route Map

Graduate student Grant Hamilton spent spring 2013 semester as an intern for the Office of Sustainability. His project for the semester was to create a bicycle route map. His very impressive map can be found here: NMSU and Las Cruces Bike Route Map