Waste Diversion

Aggie Recycling

NMSU has developed a recycling program to comply with The State of New Mexico’s mandate for all institutions of higher education to divert 25 percent of their waste. Aggie Recycling is an integrated solid waste management program focused on recycling, reduction, and improved handling of campus-generated solid wastes.

Aggie Recycling provides the following services:

  • Containers for the collection of recyclables
  • Weekly pick-ups
  • Special pickups as needed
  • Drop-offs accepted
  • (Recycling Center located across from the Bookstore Warehouse)
  • Organics Recycling

Residential housing recycled 11.5 tons and had 195.33 tons of trash. Commercial buildings such as dorms, academic buildings, and admin buildings recycled 48.99 tons and had 1,319.83 tons of trash.

Recycling 2.5 tons of Aluminum, 20 tons of plastic, and 80 tons of cardboard in 2019. Go Aggies! Go Green!

For every ton of paper recycled, we can save the energy equivalent of 165 gallons of gasoline. NMSU's Aggie Recycling recycled 175 tons of paper in 2019 which is the equivalent of 28,875 gallons of gasoline!

Toner Recycling Program

A Toner Recycling program was started in November 2012.

If there is a new toner that has a shipping label then put the old toner in the new toner bag and box it.

If the new toner doesn’t have have a shipping label then you can box up to 20 lbs which is about 6 toner cartidges. Download a free shipping label from Staples

Then place the shipping label on the box and take it to the nearest drop off point.

  •  FS Warehouse
    •  Bookstore
  •  Hadley Hall
    •  Breland Hall

Las Cruces Residential Recycling Program

Starting in the spring of 2011, the City of Las Cruces adopted a city-wide recycling program.  Friedman Recycling Company manages the city recycling program.  To find information on what you can recycle in the city, including pick up times and locations, please visit the Friedman website.

Waste Management

Employees are responsible for assuring that all hazardous materials, regulated waste, untreated infectious waste, special waste, radioactive waste, regulated pharmaceutical waste and other miscellaneous liquid or semi-liquid wastes are disposed of properly. These materials require special disposal and can not be discarded in campus dumpsters, trash, drains, or compactor units.

Disposal of hazardous, biological and radioactive materials is provided and/or coordinated (generally without charge to the department) by Environmental, Health and Safety.

Producers of campus refuse are responsible for the proper segregation of wastes into the above-mentioned types. Departments improperly handling or disposing of these materials will incur costs associated with the improper action.


Can I drop my recyclables off at the Aggie Recycling Center?

Yes, students and employees of NMSU can take their recyclables to the Aggie Recycling Center during business hours.  Business hours are 6am-2pm, Monday-Friday, drop-offs are not permitted outside of working hours, on weekends, or holidays.


What do the numbers mean on the the recycle symbols?

No.1 is “polyethylene terephthalate” (PETE), it’s the easiest to recycle

No. 2 is high density polyethylene (HDPE) it’s also readily recyclable.

No. 3 is polyvinyl chloride (PVC) it’s everywhere but it is difficult to recycle and PVC is a major environment/health threat.

No. 4 is low-density polyethylene (LDPE) and it is used for wrapping and it can recycled into something of the same.

No. 5 is polypropylene (PP) and it can be recycled into fibers.

No. 6 is polystyrene (PS) which is also known as styrofoam. It’s a problem because bulky and lightweight which makes it hard to recycle,

No. 7 is other (BPA, polycarbonate and LEXAN) it’s not traditional recycled but some curbside programs recycle them.


Can I recycle plastic #2 on campus?

Aggie Recycling is currently unable to accept any Plastic #2 (i.e. milk jugs, softener bottles, detergent bottles, motor oil containers, coffee container, etc.), but students, employees, and residents of NMSU can take their recyclables to any of The City of Las Cruces Recycling Drop-Off Locations.


What can be recycled at NMSU?

Clear Stream

  • Plastic #1 (water, soda bottles, etc.), and aluminum cans.

White Paper

  • Paper with black ink print from printers, fax machines, and copy machines.

Colored Mix Paper

  • Paper with color ink print from printers, fax machines, and copy machines, paper of any color, mail and junk mail, cereal boxes, cardboard CD casings, frozen food boxes, etc., Post-It Notes, note cards, maps, drawings, posters, notebook paper, and recyclable gift wrapping.


  • Newspaper (The Roundup, New York Times, USA Today, Wallstreet Journal, etc.)


  • Magazine, phonebooks, catalogs, and textbooks.


  • Corrugated cardboard can be placed near any recycling container for pick up. If you have a large amount of corrugated cardboard please submit a Work Order Request to have the material picked up from your department. Cardboard such as cereal boxes should be placed into the Colored Mix Paper container, because they can be recycled into paper.